Breslmair - mouthpieces for wind brass instruments

Dear wind brass Player!

A cordial welcome to our website.

It makes me happy that you are interested in our products and we will try hard to find the ultimate mouthpiece together with you by explaining basic principles, defining technical terms and describing module components based on subjective impressions stated by musicians since 1968.


Prof. Martin Mühlfellner, Wr. Philh.

In 1968 we started producing mouthpieces for wind brass instruments. Personal contact and intensive exchange of experience with famous musicians over a very long time have contributed to high quality mouthpieces that "set the tone". The secret of the Wiener Klangstil (the sound style of Viennese Orchestras) which makes our orchestras highly popular all over the world has its roots in traditional Viennese craft. The mentality of the Viennese People is reflected in the art of instrument making as it is represented in sound and playing technique. Manufacture, job-sharing and mass production however, thrusted small producers into the background. Thus the small instrument-makers with their creative power disappeared and the mouthpiece turned into an accessory. However, great developments of today's international music business have created an increasing demand for high-quality instruments. Friendship and co-operation with famous instrument-makers from Austria and abroad were very successful and produced important innovations. Referring to the development of mouthpieces, the module system represents my personal masterpiece so far. A wide range of different back bore satisfy the musician's wishes in terms of sound, intonation and ease of play. Because of the compatibility within a range of products, the mouthpiece is an all-round instrument. When playing in the concert hall, when giving lessons or when playing traditional Austrian music, there is always a Fitting module from which the musician gains joy and confidence during his performance. Musicians have always liked the personal service that I offer. During the meeting we can discuss problems and special wishes easily and by producing various alternative mouthpieces tendencies are shown. There is no brass musician leaving my studio unsatisfied. Satisfied customers are a sound basis for flourishing craft and careful craftsmen are the best guarantee of successfully handing down art and culture.